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 Welcome to Voytko Farms
 8/8/2015. Hello, Welcome to our 2015 season! The blueberries are nearing the end of the season for this year. We are open this weekend. Please note that the picking is getting very sparse. It's still a good time to get a few fresh berries, but the picking is much slower than earlier in the season. There are no more raspberries or currants for this season. We've also been busy in the produce field, so be sure to check what we may have coming in fresh on a daily basis. When the berry season ends, We will try to have the produce available as much as possible. If no one is here at the farm, it will be displayed outside on a self serve basis. We look forward to seeing everyone again this season. Chuck
 Our Pesticide Policy
 We try to keep the use of pesticides on our berries to a minimum. Just as we all sometimes need medicine to treat our ills, crops occasionally have problems and pests which need to be controlled. It is only under these circumstances that we employ only the most environmentally friendly products and practices available. We thank you for your understanding.
 Remember, our address has changed... we are still at 11391 Franks Rd, but it's now known as Auburn Twp, OH 44023.... Regular hours are 8:00am till 7:00pm Mon thru Sat and 10:00am till 6:00pm Sunday.***** Be sure to try the latest and most special addition to our berry patch, Black Currants. This unusual fruit contains four times the vitamin C as oranges, more antioxidants than blueberries or pomegranate, as well as being rich in iron and potassium. They are very plentiful now, so give them a try.
 Tips for visiting
 Welcome to Voytko Farms.
 If you are returning for another season, Welcome Back!

    - mind the signs that are posted (there are bees and groundhog holes to watch out for)
    - supervise children at all times (there may be farm tools and equipment that have sharp edges and moving parts)
    - be sure to check the weather forecast for the Chagrin Falls (zip code 44023) area and come prepared
    - wear shoes, shirts and other proper clothing; sunscreen/hat and insect repellant may come in handy, as
           will water on a hot day
    - watch out for poison ivy
    - no pets
    - bring any trash to the barn, there are trash cans available
    - respect the propetry and plantings, they are our business

 Thank you!